The Maine Coon is a natural cat breed in North America. One suspects that he is originally from Maine, one of the states that make up New England. This explains the first part of the name. The second part refers to the popular story that he would be a product of the intersection of half-wild domestic cats and raccoons (raccoons). Although a tabby Maine Coon with his striped full tail something like a raccoon, has shown that this is not biologically possible.

It is generally assumed that the Maine Coon originated is due to the import of longhair cats brought by sailors, who have mingled with the cats living there. After natural selection did the rest, where the cat has adapted to the harsh climate of Maine. The Maine Coon is in America as follows: a real workking cat, muscular, robust and medium to large in size, alert, but interested in his surroundings. He was formed by natural evolution to be able to survive in a harsh environment, more or less independent of human assistance.

In New England, the country of origin, was expected of him that he supported himself through his daily portion of milk fresh from the cow, plus his talents as a mouse hunter. It was also expected of him in harmony with other animals and humans to live, hence his amiable character.

Although he's essentially friendly, he is still somewhat reserved and somewhat shy initially for strange people and situations, a trait that has contributed to his ability to survive in the harsh rural life. It is no wonder that these cats to people in New England were very loved and cherished.
As pride of the family they were taken to the former American country fairs. Here brought the farmer families once a year their best livestock and agricultural products and exhibited to the judge.
Besides the delicious cakes and dad's best bull also the Maine Coon belonged here.
The Maine Coon was also one the first real cat shows around 1870 of the party and not without success. A well known winner was Richelieu, an around seven-year blue or zilvertabby stud of nine pound repeatedly stole the show in 1884.
Unfortunately the Maine Coon with the rise of the Americans exotic breeds such as Persians and Siamese show cat into oblivion.

A group of enthusiastic fans who have joined together in the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association (MCBFA) is due to that the Maine Coon was again recognized in all U.S. organizations.
In the preparation of the standard the formulators did not wanted a far breeder ideal but they wanted to keep the breed as it had arisen in nature.
The Maine Coon was introduced in Europe in 1976 by Connie Condit (cattery Heidi-Ho) and Pat Robbins (cattery Gemütlichkatze). They were both from the U.S. Army stationed in West Germany and were asked for their cats on a show of 1.DEKZV to show. The enthusiasm with which their cats were received ushered to the recognition of the Maine Coon by FIFE in 1982. The Maine Coon has since increasingly gained ground across Europe. (Source: Rasclub Maine Coon)